Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ashley (and Anne!) at Pacific Art League

Our friend Ashley Smith created this gorgeous painting of his wife Anne - it's uncanny, how perfectly he captured her (with kitty and pregnant belly!). I love how realistic it is, yet so dreamy and sublime. I know Ashley more for his theater work, and I always forget what an amazing 2D artist he is. Fortunately the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, CA took notice, and accepted this piece for their upcoming exhibition"Figures and Faces." It opens Friday, August 7. Oh how I wish we could travel north for the opening! The painting is titled is ANNE, oil on board, measuring 14.5" x 33.5. Congrats Ashley!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fantastic Plastic in Johnson City, TX

I discovered Rebecca Tolk's lovely Holga photography at Yard Dog Gallery in Marfa, TX last year. Not only are her moody, mysterious shots so appealing, she mounts them on little wooden boxes made from reclaimed barn wood. How cool is that? I learned from her newsletter about the show above, the Fantastic Plastic show in Johnson City, TX, my old stomping grounds! I love this concept, a show of works all created by the cool old vanguard of cameras - Dianas, Holgas, pinholes, etc. The show opens tomorrow and runs through Sept. 19. Click here for details.

I hope they do this again next year when we'll be living nearby again! Who knows, maybe I'll dust off my Diana camera and try to enter one of my shots. This image, "Oatgrass," is Rebecca's work in the show.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Henry Levine on Etsy

I'm finally coming out of my baby haze to do a little art blogging! Eric's old friend Henry Levine is an amazing craftsman, specializing in custom wood furniture. Someday hopefully we can commission him to design and build some furniture for us. Fortunately, he also offers some starter items, like these beautiful votive holders, made from re-purposed solid chunks of American black walnut and now available at his new Etsy shop. I love it when such talented artists join Etsy!