Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Save Pharmaka

I've written here before about one of my favorite LA galleries, Pharmaka (click here to read my last Pharmaka entry). Not only does Pharmaka show some challenging and quality contemporary art, it is actually a non-profit institution with a mission very different from the typical commercial gallery: to "actively pursue an intellectual and verbal dialogue with painting and its place in history and today's society."

One of Pharmaka's founders, Shane Guffogg, has been very helpful to me in the past, helping me find terrific artwork for an art auction (at which we purchased this gorgeous piece - his work is amazing).

And now, this terrible economy has struck Pharmaka. Their funding has been cut by 70%, and they are in need of all our support. The good news is - it's a relatively small institution, and even a few thousand dollars will make a big difference. I know, we're all pinching pennies, but I bet you have a spare ten bucks to help keep a quality arts organization around, especially now that you're done donating to Democratic causes (for now)! Click here to help. Thank you!

Monday, November 17, 2008

"The Green Season" by Donna Hilbert

Our dear friend Donna Hilbert is an amazing poet - her work is insightful yet mirthful, defiant yet vulnerable. She has published a new collection of her work, The Green Season, which also some short fiction.

It's fun to hear Donna read her poetry. Her reading voice sounds like a ten-year-old Donna, mischievous and innocent.

Click here for information about this and all of Donna's books.
This is one of my favorite poems from The Green Season, a touching and hilarious take on the crazy things we do for love. I can hear her little voice....


Sorting laundry
I come across
my black sweater
still thick after two days
with the smell of you.
Though the morning
is much too hot
I put it on.
At Trader Joe’s
I talk on my cell phone
telling every juicy bit
to my best friend
while I buy your
favorite Chardonnay
and shape of pasta.
I stop at Barnes & Noble
and a buy a book
that you might like to read
while I cook for you.
We watch American Idol
because you want to
and I pretend
to care who wins.
I do this happily.
I am a girl again.
All that I once knew
of love and men has shed
like an old skin.
I operate on instinct now
my lizard brain in charge.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blue Texas

For posterity I had to post this image of a Blue Texas on election night, when returns first started trickling in. I know one day it will be a deep sapphire blue! Thanks to DogFoodSugar for this.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Free Obama sticker

Leave it to to come up with a clever and cheap way to commemorative this week's amazing Obama victory - free stickers! These commemorative stickers mark Barack Obama's historic victory and were designed by groundbreaking artist Shepard Fairey—the same artist who designed the world-famous, iconic "Hope" poster for Obama.

You can get one sticker for free, or five stickers for a $3 donation, or 50 for $20. What a deal!! Click here to get yours.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


They're so beautiful, I can't stand it! I could eat those little girls up with a spoon. I must say, I didn't give this country enough credit. I truly didn't think a country that voted for Dubya twice would elect a black man with a funny name who's half Kenyan. I've never been so happy to be so wrong! I am sending every positive vibe in my body to Barack - I hope dearly that this is the beginning of real change that we have needed for so long. Thank you to Barack and Michelle for the sacrifices they're making to make this country a better place!