Monday, March 29, 2010

Arte Y Chocolate in Austin

Ah, this poor blog. First it was the baby blog sabotaging my time here, then it was mommy-hood sabotaging my time, then it was the move to Austin sabotaging my time. Now the dust is finally settling and we're getting into a bit of a rhythm, so I'm looking forward to posting here again!

This story is a great re-entry into blogging. This evening, Eric, Chloe, Eric's mother (who's visiting from Cambridge) and I were sitting on our fantastic porch, which faces a street corner that is very popular with walkers making their way to the park. We could see Georgia, one of the little girls who lives across the street, sitting there at a little table, selling something. So I ventured over, with $2 in hand, curious what she was offering.

To my delight, it was chocolate - beautiful little shards of dark choclate, decorated in gorgeous swirls and designs! Turns out her mother Lila is, indeed, a chocolate maker. What an awesome neighbor to have! So this was our introduction to Arte y Chocolate. I purchased $2 worth of chocolate, went back a few minutes later for $2 more, and then Georgia suddenly walked over to our porch to show us even more options. So, $10 later, we suddenly had a nice stock pile of delightful, artisanal, locally-made (across the street!) chocolates. Lucky for all of you, they sell at several local stores and farmers markets, and they have a great web site, just click here to read more. Just when I thought our new home couldn't get any better, the chocolate gods smile down favorably on us...