Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pizza and BBQ in Portland, OR

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Alert anyone you know in or near Portland, Oregon that both their pizza and bar-b-que prayers have been answered. They'll find both at Apizza Scholls in Downtown Portland. Okay, the BBQ is only available on Mondays, but it's the masterful creation of the one and only Rodney Muirhead, who helps them create the best pizza on the west coast the other six nights a week (seriously, it's AMAZING). Their pizza is beautifully presented here by Elizabeth, Rodney's lovely bride. Read a great review of Apizza Scholls or visit their very modest web site at

Monday, March 28, 2005


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Witness the most gorgeous child on the planet, my godson Harper Montgomery Starling Rodgers Guerrerom, proudly receiving his Wolf Badge! The Little Prince turns 8 next month.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Animated Against the Drug Industry

Thanks to the funny fellas at Jib Jab for sharing this gem from the Consumers Union, who commisioned this incredibly irreverent and biting video on the prescription drug industry. Not only is it hilarious and provides an easy way to take action, it has an original song from the Austin Lounge Lizards! Have fun.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Yes, the next foray in the digital age is upon us, once again. For all you iPod junkies (or just iTunes, for that matter), Podcasting opens up limitless opportunities. The best place, I think, to check it out: It's only the most amazing radio station on earth, but it now offers its locally-produced programs as downloadable podcasts. Just download the software (instructions on the site), plug in the Podcast address for each program you want, and the shows will automatically download to your iTunes. EXCELLENT! Never again will I have to miss Frances Anderton on "Design & Architecture" or Warren Olney's "To The Point." The future is here!