Friday, July 01, 2016

Mosaicos Colibrí in San Miguel de Allende

If you've ever traveled with a kid, you know how thrilling it is when you stumble on a fun way to kill an afternoon that doesn't involve ice scream or screen time. Such was our delight at discovering Mosaicos Colibrí, or Hummingbird Mosaics, which is owned and run by the utterly delightful Dulce. Dulce was once an art teacher in California, and she has brought her love of mosaic-making (and apparently boundless love and patience with children) to San Miguel, where she offers drop-in mosaic classes! 
Chloe and Lizzie, embarking on the daunting task of selecting pieces to make mosaics on their bird houses. Dulce has literally thousands of pieces of glass, tile, ceramic, beads - you name it - to choose from.
She helps the kiddos cut the pieces. Notice Lizzie's daddy in the background, working on his own mosaic mirror.
The glueing-on of the tile selections. This took at least a couple of hours! Although Lizzie's mom and I made our own little mosaic necklace pendants, we stepped out for a while at this point to get some coffee (Dulce encourages dropping your kids off!!).

The finished products. Gorgeous little bird houses. Muchas gracias, Dulce!

Chloe quickly begged to return to the mosaics place (I think she was a little jealous of Lizzie's new mirror), so we returned this week with some new friends, and I now have a new heart-strewn mirror to pack. :)

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