Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lizzie is here!

Two weeks into our trip, sweet Lizzie and her awesome parents arrived for a two-week stay! I think they arrived just in time, Chloe was getting pretty bored with us and was super ready for some gal-pal fun!

Lizzie hit the ground running, and made it to Spanish camp the morning after she arrived. Her Spanish is much stronger than Chloe's, so I think Chloe is extra-happy to have her there!
The craft that day - flag making!
After camp, we took to the girls to the market for some fresh juice.

That's the face of a kid soooo happy to have her buddy at her side!

Peas in a pod - they love to draw (lots of drawings of each other!).

Chloe's birthday kicked off with matching hair do's.

The wonderful teachers at their camp sang a Mexican version of Happy Birthday.

Strolling the town after camps - strolling can take a while, there are so many lovely things to stop and admire.

Dolls dolls dolls! These handmade dolls are such a hit with both of them. The ladies who make and sell them must be very happy with us....
The afternoon was capped off with - of course - swimming!
And, of course, another round of sweets. These are the cupcakes we bought at the market, made by the girls who are students at the School for the Deaf. They were so beautiful!
Lizzie gets to practice her reading, and we get a break from bedtime reading...
This morning we woke up to hot air balloons in the sky! The girls were thrilled. You can kind of see it there in the distance.
I had to throw in this photo, from the first time the girls "met." Chloe was about a month old, and Lizzie had just turned 1. They really haven't spent much time with each other over the years, since we moved to LB, but every time they get together, they don't miss a beat and just have a total blast. It's so sweet!

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